Spelling and GrammarEdit

User talk pages are exceptions to Spelling and Grammar rules, as they are not considered "articles".


Spelling should be correct, unless there is ample reason for the misspelling. The use of "leet speak" or any other shorthand in articles is not allowed and will be edited to the correct form.


Punctuation in articles should be correct, with the same guidelines as above.

Miscellaneous GrammarEdit

All other grammar should follow the same rules as above for "spelling". Verbs should be in the correct tense, nouns in the correct form, and all other typical grammatical rules apply.


Any form of vulgarity will not be tolerated, will immediately deleted, and will be grounds for possible temporary suspension of the contributors editing priviledges. Vulgarity may be in the form of writing (both in articles and user talk pages), pictures, etc. As to what exactly is vulgar, it is safe to say that you will know it when you see it.

Article FormattingEdit

Articles should all be formatted in a way similar to the articles in the same category. If no such page exists, try to create an article that will be formatted so that it will be easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. Formatting is a major area for editing. Also, titles of Articles should be the exact wording and spelling as in the game ("Yeoman Archers" instead of "Archers"). This helps avoid confusion.


Images comprise a large part of the appeal of an article. Images should:

  • not be too large or too small for the context
  • be cropped to emphasize the subject of the article
  • (preferably) have a background with little or nothing in it
  • have a proper resolution to the size of the picture
  • not be vulgar (see above)

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